Monday, February 27, 2017

That Iron-Wrought Gate

That Iron-Wrought Gate

I stood outside that iron gate upon that lonely road
And started on through those weather beaten bars that held my safe my side
And as I gazed on “greener grass” I pondered on a fact
That “greener grass” on that other side, looked safe and free from harm.

I reveled in dreams of where I could go just on the other side
Of the people, the careers, the temporal things, just past that iron-wrought gate
Of the things I could change, who I would be, and the events that could transpire
And how I would always be happy, just over that iron gate.

I saw down the hill my little house and a husband waiting for me
And I smiled as I began to feel the kicking of an impatient soul
The sun was setting, the animals all nesting, a gentle breeze afloat
And the grass was so green, so very very green, on that side of the gate.

As I reveled in the view of the other side, the “desires of my heart”
I began to hear voices behind me a-speaking, so softly, so passionately, crying
And as I stood looking through that gate, I unconsciously began to hear
As the minister read from his little black book, over a grave behind where I stood.

“Dear friends” a solemn stately voice read, “Here lies a beloved friend”
“Who full of life, of grand potential, lacked one very important thing”
“So full of pride, impatience, and faith, that she, she could not wait”
“But instead she went, on her own accord, straight through that iron gate.”

I realized it then and gave a start, that this was my own funeral
And that I, because I would not trust in my God; had led to my own downfall
I fell to my knees on that lonely path in front of that iron gate
And with a loud cry I lamented the day I ever gazed through that gate.

For my house it was obliterated and all of my land
My husband and child, they too had gone on
The livestock, the pasture, that tempting green grass
Was just a fa├žade displayed in a fairy tale looking glass.

Our lives are a pathway full of pastures and gates
Some open, some closed, and some say, “Just patiently wait”
If we choose our own pathway we will not escape or find
Any lasting pride, satisfaction, or joy in our lives.

Let this be the lesson, dear friends young and old
That the grass is not greener in the place you are not
So let us wait patiently with song and with smile
Just on the safe side of that tempting iron gate.