Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Graduation #2

   My sister graduated in the fall time of 2013 and almost two weeks ago, we had a coffee for her. Yes, I know I'm super late in getting pictures posted but I guess it's better late then never.
   While in Brookings doing some second hand and antique shopping with my aunt and sister, we came across a dress. My sister really liked the color and the texture of the fabric so she tried it on. It didn't have a top or much of a back and she was a little discouraged.
BEFORE: Front and back
But my gears were turning and after seeing her in it, I was sure I could make it wearable. We got the dress for $15 and we were super happy. Mother, upon seeing the dress, stressed again the fact that she wouldn't have anything to do with it so I was on my own. What lovely fun and excellent learning experience! I finished the dress on Thursday and she wore it on Friday. I kinda don't care for all the hand sewing involved on the finish so I put it off until the last week. So here are a few pictures of her and the dress.
AFTER: Front and back

 So she liked it, and I was actually happy about how it turned out. I never thought it would turn out the way it did. :)

Her graduation coffee went wonderfully. No tornadoes, no rain, no brownish scary sky... The day was sunny and warm and for the most part, everyone was in a good mode. A wonderfully sweet cousin of ours happened to arrive at our house that morning and came with us to the Community Center to help us get ready. We are ever so thankful for her help! We teased her because last year she came to our house and we ended up canning peaches all day. And we had many, many boxes of them too. She, as patient as ever, joined right in without a word of complaint and a smile on her face. She's a blessing!

Anyway, we got the usual family pictures, resulting from the boys that when they graduate, they ARE NOT having a graduation coffee or anything. "We can have water. It will be the "Watering Hole." Water and Mountain Dew." or something to this extent was heard being forcefully emitted from one of them. We all got a good laugh.

We got home and everyone was tired. No one wanted to unload the vehicles but we took out what needed to be kept cold and left everything else where it was until the next day. She opened her gifts and cards and I recorded them. Then, she got a crazy scheme up her sleeves and I was so tired, I went along with it. Here is the result:
Me, half awake with a cheesy tired grin, and my sister who claimed she had used up all of her smiles for the day already. She in her dress and me in mine.

And last of all, a picture of her. A good one that captures her so well.
 Congratulations my dear sister! I'm so glad that you made it through your high school studies!